The Pretty in Pantone is a self-initiated collaboration shoot I do every year. Based on the Pantone Colour of the Year, the concept is to personify this colour and show my visual interpretation of it. Selecting and working with photographers and new creatives each year.
The Pantone colour Ultra Violet, which Pantone described as inventive and imaginative while symbolising experimentation and non-conformity creativity. The colour is also usually associated with spiritual reflection and visionary thinking.
Taking that idea further I wanted the work to have a futuristic feel. Inspired by the cyberpunk visuals of Blade Runner 2049, Tron Legacy and Overwatch (game) combined the colour with neons and metals to give it that cyberpunk feel, combining science and faith.

I usually craft a concept which moves away from the usual associations, but this time I focused on the values Pantone have specified, worked with them and put my usual spin on it. Ultra Violet is quite a dark, vibrant purple which speaks of forward thinking.
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